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Located in the Taihu Lake Tourist Resort, the park of Huzhou Bianshan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. has the Shenzhe Anhui Expressway in the southwest, the Humei highway in the East, and the national highway 104 and the Nanjing Hangzhou Expressway in the southwest, so the road traffic is very convenient. Besides, the water transportation condition is good. It is close to Taihu Lake and only 3.5km away from the Bank of Taihu Lake.

The total area of the ecological park is 66.67 hectares, with more than 10 scientific and technological managers. There are all kinds of natural resources in the park: Hot Spring, Tea Garden, Shenjia Cave, Jinji Cave, Xiangwang Temple, big and small Linglong Mountains, Ancient Archway, Pan Cemetery, strange Taihu Stone, Stone Forest House (Ye mengde), etc., and it is closely related to Xiangyu, Pan Jjixun (the first person to govern the Yellow River), Ye mengde and other historical figures. In addition, it has unique historical legends and stories. The lush vegetation, fresh air and rich in negative oxide ions enable tourists to enjoy the fun of returning to nature, which is an excellent place for people to rest and nourish their hearts.


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