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In 1979, it was named after more than 500 banquet dishes made by Wu Shuibao, Zhou Shunlin, Chen Wenxue, Yang Xinlong, Wu jingen, Zhu Weizu and a group of special chefs of Huzhou hotel in Zhejiang Province, who used a variety of knives and cooking methods. This was made from fish and aquatic products. It absorbs the essence of Sichuan, Guangdong, Beijing, Anhui and other major cuisines, and uses knife and various cooking methods to form a unique fish dish strain, which has attracted many local dishes. The raw materials are fresh, the knife work is fine and changeable, and the original soup of this juice is used to keep the fish flavor. Moreover, it pays attention to the combination of shape and nutrition. It has the south flavor of light, tender and smooth, and the north flavor of fresh, salty and spicy. There are not only crispy, soft and tender products suitable for the elderly and children, but also excellent products with chewy and endless aftertaste that young people like.

It is well received in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an and Kaifeng exhibitions. It won the group gold medal in the third national cooking technology competition in December 1993. In August 1995, it won a special gold medal at the Chinese food exhibition in Taiwan. In October 1995, it won the gold medal at the Chinese food industry international exposition in Canada.


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